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The Winged Medic


A travel Book with a twist. The traveller is a doctor whose job is to fly off - at a moments notice - to the world's most exotic spots to accompany patients back to the UK. Enter the fascinating world of Dr Barrie Davies - a doctor with a difference.

The reader is treated to the author's impressions and anecdotes of the past 20 years from continent to continent with patients ranging from a 28 week premature baby to octogenarians with complex problems. His career effectively mirrors a burgeoning industry known as aeromedical repatriation.

Dr Davies writes candidly and vividly of his patients, destinations, job and life. The result is by turns moving, compassionate and comic - as varied as life itself. It will appeal to anyone interested in travel, things medical, memoirs or, simply, life.

Dr Davies worked for many years in general practice before becoming an in-flight medical officer 20 years ago. He is married to an in-flight nurse and midwife and has two children.


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ISBN  1 85756 494 4
Janus Publishing Company
175 page papaerback
RRP  7.95

A second book was written but not published.
It has been included online at's_book1.htm






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