updated 14 Jun 2024

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The Medical Society Website has been on line since 1998. Prior to that, 1990 - 2002, Graeme Wilcox and Barrie Davies produced a paper copy which was distributed to members). The site is written in a fairly simple HTML language which does not allow some of the more spectacular graphic presentations that are now available on the web. Similarly, as time has gone on, its content has changed dramatically in line with the changes we have all witnessed in the health service both nationally and locally. The main content of the site now concentrates mainly on bursary announcements and, more important, bursary recipient reports which make superb and sometimes dramatic reading.

In Spring / Summer 2024 efforts were made to update the members mailing list and we were surprised to find that, despite the local health service structural changes, membership has remained steady with retired and active hospital and general practice members. Efforts will be made to keep the list updated. However, the website is not restricted to medical society members and if you know of anyone who may be interested in the website content, don't hesitate to give them contact details - either through the website address or through the site contact page which is on the selection bar above and below.

Notification of website updates will be sent to the members as they become available - particularly when new bursary reports are received. If, however, you wish to include news, comment or opinion (within reason !!!!!) you are more than welcome to get in touch through the contact page. Should letters or printable comment become available a members contact page will be introduced.



Please make a point of visiting the website regularly

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INTRODUCTION Correspondence Contact us Bursaries Bursary Reports History of KMS Books by Members