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The Medical Society archive of newsletters published between 1990 and 2004 has been taken off line.

The archive is still available on request, either on whole or individual editions.

Please contact Barrie Davies for details.




Held in the Education Centre on Wednesday 5th April 2017

PRESENT:             Dr Paul Williams, Dr Paul Newrick, Miss Jan Meggy, Mr Chris Tallents, Dr Pam Ball, Mr Chris Gait, Dr Martin Lewis, Dr Richard Taylor, Dr David Starkie

1.       APOLOGIES:       Dr Wendy Kingston, Dr Gill Blanchard, Dr Sally Rumley, Dr Marie Gibson, Dr Hilary Boyle, Dr J Paton, Dr Chandra Pathirana, Dr Steve Booth


 Incorrect spelling for Mr Malcolm Woodcock - not Woodcott.



No applicants had been received.  Dr Lewis, Chairman of the Post-Graduate Medical Centre Trustees, had received a couple of enquiries; 2 who had strong local connections and 2 who had tenuous local connections.  The first applicant with local connection is Mohammed Hussain, who was currently working in psychiatry at the Robertson Centre, Kidderminster Hospital.  His medical elective in Malaysia was due to start in May.  The second applicant with a local connection is Toni Brookes, who is on a GP placement in Kidderminster.  She plans to do her medical elective on the management of neural tube defects in Vietnam.

A discussion followed as to how the bursaries are advertised.  Dr Lewis explained that the Medical Society bursary awards offered through the Trustees were advertised in various medical schools.  Many applicants had found the website, presumably by searching for assistance, and may have heard about the bursaries when working locally.  It was thought the best advertisement is by granting the bursaries.   

The Trustees were not in a position to take on the further work of advertising the KMS bursaries.  Miss Meggy suggested to Dr Lewis that she was happy to look at the applications and to help with the advertising of the bursaries.  It was agreed that Lisa would contact the above 2 applicants in the first instance and request a CV, and a reference from both their medical school, and their current practice/placement.  These will then be circulated to Paul Williams, Chris Gait, Jan Meggy and Paul Newrick for consideration.  (a)


Mr Gait explained the report was a true account to date, and this was presented to the meeting.  He offered the bank statements to view. 

The payment for the Elms dinner was excluded from the report.  No sponsorship had been obtained for the dinner.

Regarding the receipt of subs, Mr Tallents enquired whether retired KMS members still became honorary members.  It was explained that historically any new local GP or consultant was elected at the AGM and subsequently paid into the Society.  Mr Gait has a list of those who pay.  Paul Williams agreed that retired members shouldn’t pay, but that the majority are groups subs received from GP practices.  It was acknowledged that this decision could halve the income, however it was agreed that money could be used from the Trustee account in this instance, if required.  Dr Williams felt a little anxious about people paying for not very much; one social event a year at most subsided, a website with no updates, and no newsletter.  It was noted however, that the subs of £15.00 per person per year also pay for the bursaries.  It was suggested that current paying members could be emailed with the explanation that the KMS would like to keep the bursaries going and if agreeable, members could continue paying.  It was agreed it would be acceptable to make some form of contact. (b) It was commented on that this information could go onto the website, but it was thought that the website wasn’t accessed as nothing tended to be updated other than minutes of meetings.  It was queried whether another person ought to be aware of how to understand the website should this become necessary.


The KMS dinner held at the Elms had gone very well with a reasonable turnout.  The speakers were excellent.  The question was whether another one should be arranged for this year.  It was agreed that if one wasn’t arranged for this year it would be difficult to get the support for one in the future.  Members agreed that at least one event a year was needed to keep the Society alive.  A discussion ensued regarding whether this should be a free dinner, or one offered for a very nominal sum, and whether it was worth keeping the Society going for one dinner a year.  It was also noted that no one volunteered to take on a role in the KMS.  However, it was agreed that there was a usefulness in awarding the bursaries.  Dr Starkie remarked that the KMS had historically been in the doldrums, followed by a resurge.  Miss Meggy suggested that prior to the dinner there could be a toast to the Strettons, who founded the KMS, with a short spiel about the bursaries and how beneficial they are to recipients.  Recipients of the bursaries have been invited to dinner and have talked about their electives.  Likewise, recipients of the post-graduate bursaries are expected to submit a brief acknowledgement and report, and these are posted on the KMS website.

Dr Williams reported that he had taken on a management role within the Practice and didn’t feel he had the capacity to organise another dinner, whilst acknowledging that Dr David Malcolmson did most of the organising for the last event.  It was suggested that the KMS could pay someone to organise the event, should no one be forthcoming.  Lisa, secretary, agreed that she would take on organising this event, with some direction.   It was suggested that an evening in November, preferably a Friday, at the same venue, possibly with an earlier eating time, with a similar format would be suitable. 

Mr Gait offered to organise an afternoon social gathering for members to help keep the Society ticking over.

A discussion regarding speakers took place and suggestions included:

·         Asking if any physicians were happy to speak on their reminiscences

·         A medical historian

·         Medical literature ‘Welcome’ prize winner (? very expensive)

·         The possibility of giving a brief talk on the role of the KMS (bursary), and a call to get involved, prior to the meal/talk

·         Bursary recipients to give a presentation



The accounts for the Post-Graduate Medical Society were presented by Dr Martin Lewis, Chairman of the Post-Graduate Medical Society.  These included both interim accounts and full accounts. 

The Birmingham Medical School bursary had been awarded to Karnjit Johal.  The Trustees had awarded a further 2 bursaries to 2 local applicants; Daniel Desogus and Thomas Brookes.  Each received £3,000.  The recipients had sent in reports, which have been posted on the KMS website.  At the last Trustee meeting 3 bursaries of £3,000 each had been awarded to local applicants, as well as the Birmingham Medical School bursary. In order to fund this £10,000 had been withdrawn from the COIF investment account.  Dr Lewis reported that COIF have reduced the interest on investments to around 20%; equalling a loss of approximately £1,200 in annual income. 

It was clarified that the Birmingham Medical Society bursary is awarded on the same basis as the local criteria.  This year it was awarded to someone from Stourport.  If there is no local applicant the bursary is awarded to someone with the greatest need.

8.       Review of the role of the Medical Society

This had been covered above. 

It was agreed to arrange an annual dinner with A pre-dinner summary of the role of the KMS and bursaries.

Invites will be sent to the recipients of the bursaries by Dr Lewis, with a request that they speak to the Society for 5 minutes. C). The electives can talk about what they did on their electives. 


It was agreed younger members are needed. 

It was noted that new GP’s joining practices become members of the KMS by default as practice managers pay the subs as a group. 

A discussion followed regarding officers liability insurance. 




Chris Stretton had emailed Dr Williams seeking reassurance of who would look after the Stretton bust should the KMS fold.  It was understood that the Carpet Museum declined the bust as it was too expensive to insure.  The following points were discussed:

·         Whether it is part of the constitution.

·         Whether it would be included in the resolution of assets.

·         What liability is involved in transferring, for example to the Charles Hastings Education Centre.

·         The need to collate a list of what is owned by the KMS.

·         Whether the bust should stay in the Kidderminster Education Centre as it is the only place that says ‘Kidderminster Medical Society’.

·         Whether it has enough historical worth.

A further discussion ensued regarding what would happen to funds should the KMS fold.  This is not currently envisaged but the thinking is that the funds could transfer to the Trustees of the Post-Graduate Medical Centre who could continue to award bursaries, or pass on the funds to an organisation such as an established medical university like Birmingham, whilst stipulating the current criteria.


a)      Emails sent April and June but no response from either applicant 23/06/2017 (Lisa).  A response was received by Mohammed Hossain in June but not awarded retrospectively halfway through the yea

b)      Dr Lewis to invite bursary recipients – KMS dinner booked for Friday 24th Nov.

c)       Need up-to-date contact list.





Minutes of a Meeting of the Trustees of the Post Graduate Medical Centre

held in the Education Centre on Tuesday 23rd May 2017


PRESENT:  Dr M Lewis (Chairman), Miss J Meggy, Dr J Tudor

          Mr C Waring (Treasurer),                 

1.         APOLOGIES: Dr W Kingston


The minutes of the last meeting were amended at item 5.  Amended to read: The Trustees discussed a previous applicant, Abdul Hasnath, who had a medical sciences degree and wished to specialise in podiatry.  Dr John Tudor expressed an interest as this applicant is a patient of his. 


  1. The Chairman’s report had been circulated to the Trustees and submitted to the Kidderminster Medical Society AGM
  1. The Chairman reported that at the Medical Society AGM it had been agreed to hold a further dinner at the Elms in November 2017, to be followed by the AGM.  There had been no new officers elected. 
  1. Flyers advertising the Medical Society Elective bursary were being sent to the medical schools for applications to be received by October 2017 for the 2017/18 academic year.  Miss Meggy will screen the applications, along with Dr Newrick and Dr Starkie.  Dr Lewis will forward the PGMC Postgraduate Bursary flyer to Miss Meggy for information.
  1. The Chairman had received the second reference for Ben Ryland, and  circulated this to the Trustees, who had agreed to award the bursary. 
  1. A discussion took place as to whether the Trustees could act autonomously should the Medical Society fold.  The original Trustee Deed does not state that the Trustees can make their own decisions, but are answerable to the Medical Society.  It was agreed that legal advice should be sought in the event of the Medical Society folding.  It was queried whether the Medical Society have a constitution.  Lisa was aware of paperwork relating to the Medical Society being held in the Education Centre office and she will have a look through.  Miss Meggy offered to help.


Mr Waring presented the financial report to the Trustees.  A copy will be forwarded to Dr Kingston by the secretary.

The report shows the £10,000 withdrawn from the COIF account, and the Treasurer noted the residual value is still well above the original figure.  Dr Lewis had obtained the actual valuation and this was agreed with.  The Trustees checked the other Trustee accounts.  The secretary was paid her expenses.

            Birmingham University had sent a letter to advise that they were updating their coding system for direct debits and a new code had been applied.  No action was required by the Treasurer.

5.         POSTGRADUATE BURSARY AWARDS for 2017/18

The Chairman proposed that the usual flyer be updated to the next academic year and be placed in the Education Centre, on the KMS website, and circulated to the 31 medical schools.  It was suggested that a ‘Google’ search would pick up from the KMS website.  An up-to-date flyer will be sent to Barrie Davies for the website, and the same will be actioned for the elective bursary. 


The Chairman had received a letter from the bank regarding a direct debit.


There was no other business.


It was agreed that this should be held November/December 2017 on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, but preferably a Monday.  The secretary will arrange nearer the time.





Kidderminster Medical Society


About 8 years ago I was asked to have a tree planted on the site of the old PGMC - built by the Medical Society - to mark its previous existence where the car park now is. The tree was planted in 2007 by the then President, Richard Horton, and now seems to be thriving and getting to a more robust size. I have delayed getting a plaque organised thinking that, with attention drawn to it and not having much protection, it might be more prone to vandalism.


Now the tree has reached a decent size I have organised a plaque which has now been installed by the Estates Department of the hospltal.


The Estates Department has been extremely helpful with this project and has made an excellent job of installing the plaque.

With best wishes,

Tim Wadsworth




The History of Kidderminster Medical Society is available on the website

Click here to read 120 years of Medicine in the Wyre Forest

Authored by John Murray

and for

Bursary Reports - click here



Applications are invited for the award of a bursary of £3,000 to help support the first year of a 4 or 5 year Graduate Entry MBChB (or equivalent) course at a UK Medical School.

Preference for the successful recipient of the award will be given to applicants who can demonstrate a connection with the Wyre Forest Area.  For example this may include:

·        Applicants who live or work in the Wyre Forest area

·        Applicants who have lived in the Wyre Forest area within the previous ten years

·        Applicants who attended secondary school in the Wyre Forest area

·        Applicants who were born in the Wyre Forest area

The bursary will be available for the 2014/15 academic year and applications should be submitted before the end of October 2014. 

The recipient will be expected to write a short report at the end of the year to update the Society on their progress.


Further information can be obtained from:

Dr M L Lewis
Chairman of Trustees
Kidderminster Medical Society
117 St John’s Avenue Kidderminster
Worcestershire DY11 6AX



J Lionel Stretton

A very interesting letter was recently received from Chris Stretton, the great Grandson of Lionel Stretton.
Older Kidderminster members will remember Lionel Stretton's reputation as a pioneering surgeon in Kidderminster in the first half of the 20th century.
The letter is self explanatory and augurs well for some very interesting reading in the not too distant future.
If anyone is able to help in any way, please get in touch with me or send photos as email attachments to

Please click here to read the index pages of the book


I am Chris Stretton, great grandson of JLS.
For many years the family has had a copy of the manuscript of a book that he wrote and tried to get published in the 1940s, without success. 
The book is entitled "Fifty six years a surgeon - recollections and reflections".

Last year I tried to interest several publishers to publish the book, again without success.
But I have now found a local company that will publish for a very reasonable price and am thus finally able to proceed to make the book available to a wider audience.

At present I am scanning the manuscript and OCRing it into Microsoft Word, which is the format required by the publisher. 
This will take me several more weeks and I imagine the book will be print-ready early in the new year.

I wish to include some relevant photographs, and have a  lot of albums and loose photos to look through.
I wondered if you might have any photos that I might be able to use, particularly some period shots of the hospital etc.

With many thanks.

Chris Stretton

Rogues Gallery

As many of you may be aware, your past Chairman Alan Bennett, has started the ball rolling to build what can only be described as a rogue's gallery ! Basically I will construct a secure page here on the website which will display passport type photographs of each of you along with a very short CV. This way, in this very diverse and impersonal electronic world, we can recognise our colleagues and avoid embarrasing moments !! As I said, it will be a secure page with access by username and password so please don't worry about unwanted browsers.

Please send your photo and CV to me at or to Alan Bennett at

Click here to go to the Gallery

NB - the gallery is securely protected by username and password.

If you have not received these, please click on the link below and send me an email


Contact for username / password


Click here to go to the new Author's Den



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on the notice board in your staff room and anywhere else that you are likely to see it.

The Medical Society now has its own dedicated website where your avid attention and input is required.
We will continue to remind you of new editions as they appear but it is hoped that the website will become
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Make a point of visiting the website regularly or you may miss out on news and announcements

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