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The Medical Society archive of newsletters published between 1990 and 2004 has been taken off line.

The archive is still available on request, either on whole or individual editions.

Please contact Barrie Davies for details.





Held in the Education Centre on Wednesday 9th December 2015


PRESENT:  Dr David Starkie, Miss Jan Meggy, Dr Paul Williams, Dr Martin Lewis, Dr Paul Newrick, Dr Richard Taylor, Mr Chris Gait, Mr Stephen Perry, Dr Geoffrey Summers, Dr P Ball, Mr C Tallents, Dr L Butcher, Dr T Wadsworth, Dr R Horton, Dr E Malcomson, Dr D Malcomson, Dr S Booth, Dr J Wilner. 

1.            APOLOGIES:  Dr Jan Adams, Dr Sally Rumley, Dr M Gibson, Dr U Udeshi, Dr H Boyle, Dr G Blanchard, Dr Roy Williams, Dr Mark Roberts, Dr Wendy O’Hara.


The minutes of the previous AGM held in December 2014, were deemed to be correct.

3i.           MATTERS ARISING:

Dr Taylor gave an update regarding the Stretton Family Trust Fund.  This is relevant because Samuel Stretton was the founder of KMS. Dr Taylor reported that the Stretton commemorative  stained glass windows in St John’s Church had been erected and a booklet was passed around those present.  The Stretton Trust had a lot of money, providing funding for medical students from the Wyre Forest studying at Bart’s or Cambridge.  £2,000 is available each year per student.  They currently have 12 to 13 students interested in applying.  The ContinU Trust combines local high schools and provides guidance into further education.  The Trust will sponsor 30 students to apply to medical schools (these do not have to be Barts or Cambridge).  They recently held a meeting for 3 sixth forms students in the area who are thinking of a career in medicine.  This event was publicised at local schools and sixth forms, including the Heads of Science. 

The Stretton Trust are currently funding 12 medical students, who have to submit a report at the end of the year. 

3ii.          Dr Williams, chairing, suggested the item ‘the future of the Kidderminster Medical Society, be discussed at the end of the meeting.


No applicants had been received.  Previously, attempts had been made to contact the medical schools to get numbers but it was a struggle to get applicants from the Wyre Forest. It was possible that there was little awareness of the bursary.  A suggestion was made as to whether it would be agreeable to link in with the Post Graduate Trustees.  Dr Martin Lewis (Chairman of the Post Graduate Trustees) currently emails the medical schools with information on the bursaries available.  Each year, the Trustees had received eligible applicants from the Wyre Forest area.  Dr Lewis offered to provide the KMS with the email addresses.

The current criteria for the Kidderminster Medical Society bursaries stipulates that applicants must have links to the Wyre Forest area but can be studying at any medical school.  A suggestion was made as to whether bursaries could be advertised via Facebook or Twitter, and whether it would be suitable for previous recipients to comment on their Facebook page.  Bursaries were previously advertised by Chris Gait and Sally Rumley, who would contact the person in charge of electives at the Medical Schools.

5.            FINANCIAL REPORT

The Treasurer distributed the financial report.  He made those present aware that the accounts were not audited, and never had been.  Bank statements were presented to the meeting. 

He reported that the income was similar to that of last year.  Subsidies were received at the beginning of November and therefore 2014/2015 shows a double year account.  The subsidies roll in on standing orders.  It is clear from the standing orders who pays.  It was noted that these are mostly from GP group practices.  Dr Williams pointed out that previously, retired members became honorary members but it was unclear whether that still occurred.

It was suggested that the KMS website was a big expense at £300.00 (sum paid to the website provider).  Currently Dr Barrie Davies manages the website.  He recently made contact to ask whether the Society still wanted him to manage it in view of the expense.  It was noted that the website was not updated very often.  Dr Lewis puts the Trustee reports on it.  Lisa (secretary) will forward the KMS minutes and accounts to be put on the website also. 

Dr Lewis had received information that Barrie Davies was hoping to retire from the role in a year.  Dr Lewis offered to forward the email.  Grateful thanks and appreciation was expressed for Barrie Davies’ work with the website over many years. 


It was discussed whether the website could be managed commercially.  It was noted that the website was not interactive but that it would be useful to be able to update email/contact details etc.  Dr Williams is aware of a colleague who may be interested in managing the website and he will approach said person. 

7.            TRUSTEE ACCOUNTS

Dr Martin Lewis reported that the balance had reduced but the COIF investment had improved the income and capital had appreciated by £3,000. 

Four bursary awards had been made and reports from the recipients had been posted on the KMS website.  Thirty medical schools had been emailed with information regarding the bursaries and of the 4 applicants received last year, 3 had strong local connections.  These 3 applicants had been awarded bursaries, along with the Birmingham medical School bursary.  This year, Birmingham had put forward a candidate. 

The Trustees had met on Monday 7th December.  They had received 6 applicants, of which 2 had strong links to the Wyre Forest area, and also had excellent references.  Both applicants had been awarded bursaries.


Paul Williams and Jan Meggy had made contact with members of the KMS in an attempt to gather opinion regarding the Society’s future.  There had been 34 responses, 23 felt the Society should continue but many were ambiguous offering no support.  Whilst agreeing that it would be a shame to fold the KMS, they were not in a position to support it.  Eleven felt the Society should be wound up, “no good flogging a dead horse”. 

Dr Williams reported that he had been social secretary for 12 years but he no longer had the time to commit to the role and felt the role needs someone with enthusiasm.  Whatever happens with the KMS he expressed his wish not to continue in his current role for much longer. 

It was noted that a few responses had been received from younger colleagues. 

It was queried how the KMS would be folded, and whether there was a constitution.  The constitution was thought to be kept in the glass case of the Education Centre at Kidderminster Treatment Centre. 

Mr Tallents queried whether a majority of members need to agree in order to fold an organisation.  Would there need to be a disbursement of funds or would the Society go into ‘hibernation’(a charity can be ‘hibernated’).  It was noted that the KMS is not a charity and is therefore not subjected to so many rules. 

Dr Martin Lewis reported that the Trustees of the Medical Society had discussed the possibility of the KMS folding and had agreed that they would be willing to continue with the task of awarding bursaries.

Dr Taylor suggested the meeting look at the aim of the KMS, which was originally set up to get consultants and GPs talking. 

The question was raised as to whether the function of the KMS would become more social.  It was acknowledged that the KMS had been going for 122 years and held historical interest, but that this may not be common knowledge. 

It had been agreed at the last KMS AGM to have a last push at reviving the KMS by holding a social event.  One suggestion was:

·         A dinner, inviting GP’s and Consultants, giving 2-3 minute talks on current updates in an attempt to keep the primary and secondary care interface together.  However, it was acknowledged that current working practices had changed significantly with GP’s and consultants too busy and not necessarily interested in keeping the links. There was no longer much communication between GP’s and consultants other than electronically.  Therefore it was agreed that the function of the KMS would be more social.

The possibility of bringing in an outside speaker to attract members was discussed.  Possible subjects suggested at the meeting were:

·         Organ transplantation (comments were made as to whether a broader subject would be more suitable).

·         Euthanasia – this was thought to be more ethical/social and not departmental.

·         A talk on National Service.

·         A speaker from the Medical Defence Organisation.

·         The Red Arrows.

·         Artic Expedition (Mike Stroud).

·         Malcolm Woodcott (Ophthalmology Director, 3 forces).

The option of having a topic which may count towards postgraduate education was discussed.  Many doctors now undertaken this on an individual basis, in-house but it was acknowledged that the right sort of lecture might possibly count towards this.  It was recognised that this applied to GPs only.  It was noted that after hours many do not wish to do anything educational.

It was queried whether it would be financially feasible to offer a free dinner to follow the speaker, and possible venues.  It was agreed that an idea of numbers of attendees would be useful and a discussion followed as to whether we should canvas support, or get on and arrange an event.  An approximate cost per head for a meal was thought to be about £30.00.

A discussion followed as to whether the invitation should be limited to members only or extended to partners of members, or colleagues. It was suggested that the aim was to attract new members.   The conclusion was to propose an annual event with speaker on a medical (ish) topic and if this proved a success, further social events could be added at a later date.  It was noted that many local GPs were now members of Wyre Forest Health Partnership and better communication should ensue. 

A discussion took place as to what the KMS constitution contained and how subscriptions to the KMS were received, and by whom.  It was noted that if the KMS remained the KMS it would need to adhere to the constitution.  It was queried why subscriptions continue to be collected (£15 per year) when money is available – to routinely fund very valuable work awarding bursaries, without subscriptions these funds will gradually decline.


It was agreed to arrange an annual event to attract members in order to assess interest in keeping the KMS going, and if there is no active interest in the next couple of years to consider winding it up. 

Event to take place on a Friday (if members/medics only), or a Saturday if partners to be included.  To take place in early summer, ? May time, or September/October time, bearing in mind holiday periods, and to include a really good speaker with free dinner to include partners. 

Dr Malcomson and Dr Williams to organise.

1.       Check speaker availability.  Search venue in local area.

2.       Advertise meal and lecture.  Circulate widely.

3.       Members free.  Non-members to pay.

4.       Send minutes with covering letter to include a positive statement about resurrecting the KMS.

5.       Dr Williams will do the covering letter. 

6.       Secretary to forward minutes and accounts to Barrie Davies for uploading onto KMS website.


It was recognised that there is currently no president of the KMS.  There was no election of new members.    Dr Williams, Mr Gait and Dr Starkie will continue in their current roles for the time being.  Dr Malcomson will assist Dr Williams in his role as social secretary.

Dr Williams was aware of a colleague who was positive about the continuation of the KMS and he will approach him to see if he is interested in taking an active part.  It was discussed whether to co-opt a GP from each partnership

It was noted that local dentists and vets pay subscriptions to the KMS and if it records showed names then it discussed whether the invitation to KMS AGM/meal could be extended to dentists and vets.

9.            ANY OTHER BUSINESS

Dr Wadsworth reported on the tree in the Hospital car park which was planted by the then KMS president in place of the previous Post Graduate Medical Centre.  The tree was doing very well and the plaque was now in place.  It was understood that maintenance of the tree was the responsibility of KMS, and a discussion took place as to whether insurance would be needed.  


                To be arranged.






Kidderminster Medical Society


About 8 years ago I was asked to have a tree planted on the site of the old PGMC - built by the Medical Society - to mark its previous existence where the car park now is. The tree was planted in 2007 by the then President, Richard Horton, and now seems to be thriving and getting to a more robust size. I have delayed getting a plaque organised thinking that, with attention drawn to it and not having much protection, it might be more prone to vandalism.


Now the tree has reached a decent size I have organised a plaque which has now been installed by the Estates Department of the hospltal.


The Estates Department has been extremely helpful with this project and has made an excellent job of installing the plaque.

With best wishes,

Tim Wadsworth




The History of Kidderminster Medical Society is available on the website

Click here to read 120 years of Medicine in the Wyre Forest

Authored by John Murray



and for

Bursary Reports - click here



Applications are invited for the award of a bursary of £3,000 to help support the first year of a 4 or 5 year Graduate Entry MBChB (or equivalent) course at a UK Medical School.

Preference for the successful recipient of the award will be given to applicants who can demonstrate a connection with the Wyre Forest Area.  For example this may include:

·        Applicants who live or work in the Wyre Forest area

·        Applicants who have lived in the Wyre Forest area within the previous ten years

·        Applicants who attended secondary school in the Wyre Forest area

·        Applicants who were born in the Wyre Forest area

The bursary will be available for the 2014/15 academic year and applications should be submitted before the end of October 2014. 

The recipient will be expected to write a short report at the end of the year to update the Society on their progress.


Further information can be obtained from:

Dr M L Lewis
Chairman of Trustees
Kidderminster Medical Society
117 St John’s Avenue Kidderminster
Worcestershire DY11 6AX



J Lionel Stretton

A very interesting letter was recently received from Chris Stretton, the great Grandson of Lionel Stretton.
Older Kidderminster members will remember Lionel Stretton's reputation as a pioneering surgeon in Kidderminster in the first half of the 20th century.
The letter is self explanatory and augurs well for some very interesting reading in the not too distant future.
If anyone is able to help in any way, please get in touch with me or send photos as email attachments to

Please click here to read the index pages of the book


I am Chris Stretton, great grandson of JLS.
For many years the family has had a copy of the manuscript of a book that he wrote and tried to get published in the 1940s, without success. 
The book is entitled "Fifty six years a surgeon - recollections and reflections".

Last year I tried to interest several publishers to publish the book, again without success.
But I have now found a local company that will publish for a very reasonable price and am thus finally able to proceed to make the book available to a wider audience.

At present I am scanning the manuscript and OCRing it into Microsoft Word, which is the format required by the publisher. 
This will take me several more weeks and I imagine the book will be print-ready early in the new year.

I wish to include some relevant photographs, and have a  lot of albums and loose photos to look through.
I wondered if you might have any photos that I might be able to use, particularly some period shots of the hospital etc.

With many thanks.

Chris Stretton

Rogues Gallery

As many of you may be aware, your past Chairman Alan Bennett, has started the ball rolling to build what can only be described as a rogue's gallery ! Basically I will construct a secure page here on the website which will display passport type photographs of each of you along with a very short CV. This way, in this very diverse and impersonal electronic world, we can recognise our colleagues and avoid embarrasing moments !! As I said, it will be a secure page with access by username and password so please don't worry about unwanted browsers.

Please send your photo and CV to me at or to Alan Bennett at

Click here to go to the Gallery

NB - the gallery is securely protected by username and password.

If you have not received these, please click on the link below and send me an email


Contact for username / password


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