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Kidderminster Medical Society Newsletter first made its appearance in January 1992. Its first Editors were Graeme Wilcox (Content Editor) and Barrie Davies (Production Editor). Just prior to Graeme's untimely death in 2001, Hilary Boyle took over as content Editor. Since its inception, the newsletter has appeared between two and four time a year including a bumper centenary edition in October 1993.

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This is the proposed site for the Author's den Archive - Not active before 2011
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In 2007 the paper version of the newsletter was discontinued but at the end of that year, by popular demand, was restarted.
The website will continue in its rolling format and the paper version will contain the same copy but be divided into three editions a year
Newsletter No 44 - September 2006 Newsletter No 43 - April 2006 Newsletter No 42 - January 2006
Alpha and Omega - Editorial, Hilary Boyle
Kidderminster Medical Society:
Postgraduate bursary award

Arley Arboretum - Elizabeth Seakins
Cycling to Birmingham was off - Chris Gait
New Member - Angus Thomson
Obituary - Neil Jarvie - Bob Ingles
New Member - Mark Roberts
An Antiques Evening - Tim Wasdworth
Just a Perfect Day - Mike Ward

Annual Dinner October 2005 - Chris Wilkinson
Rachel Ward in London Marathon 2006 - Mike Ward
The Mystery of the Missing President - Hilary Boyle
An Antiques Evening - Tim Wadsworth
Just the Perfect Day - Mike Ward

Newsletter No 41 - September 2005 Newsletter No 40 - April 2005 Newsletter No 39 - January 2005

Charity Begins - Christine Smith
Obituary - Donald Black - Richard Horton
In Many Respects - Reg Johnstone
Retiring with an MI - Tim Wadsworth
Alastair Miller and Steve Booth's leaving do
Visit to Avoncroft - Samantha and Paul Williams
A Walk in the Woods - Gary Parsons
Jim serves up a slice of tennis history - Mike Ward

Farewell to the Post Graduate Centre - Geoff Campion
Obituary - Michael Taylor
Kemp Hospice - Olaf da Costa
The Barber Institute - Peter Dutton
Martin Lewis in Retirement - Martin Lewis
Kidderminster via Lahore - Chris Gait
Girl Power Strides Forth - Mike Ward
2004 Annual Dinner - Paul Thompson
Marathon Diary - Nigel Cockrell
Jogger's Diary - Tim Campion
Newsletter No 38 - September 2004 Newsletter No 37 - April 2004 Newsletter No 36 - January 2004
John Parker's Trip to Nepal - John Parker
Today we honour Doctor Bob - MJR
A Week Chez Ingrid & Peter Batty - Dick Herbert
Saving Pennies - Barrie Davies
Summer Treasure Hunt - Fiona Simpson

An Evening with Michael Wilkes - Martin Lewis
General Practice 1936 - Dr M Ferens Batty
The Medical Society Website - Barrie Davies
The Turner Exhibition - John Parker
Betrayed - John Tudor
Miranda - John Tudor

Annual General Meeting 2003
From Florida to New England - Barrie Davies
Never mind the Calories, Watch the Feet
Newsletter No 35 - October 2003 Newsletter No 34 - June 2003 Newsletter No 33 - February 2003

Music, a Hobby for Life - Rod Summers
Medical Society Dinner - Nicola and Andrew Cox
A Welsh Weekend = Mike Ward
The Medical Society Bar BQ - Judith Hardwick

Blunt Penknives to Jubilee Medals - Barrie Davies
Obituary, John Bywater
John Wilner Reminisces
Another January newsletter - Hilary Boyle
John Parker in Retirement - John Parker
Chez Batty - Peter Batty
Annual Dinner 2002 - David Starkie
Newsletter No 32 - October 2002 Newsletter No 31 - June 2002 Newsletter No 30 - 2002
Celebrate - Hilary Boyle
A Letter from Donald Black
Reminiscences 0n 50 Years NHS - Donald Black
Obituary Richard Malins - David Sargeant
President's Charity - Geoff Summers
The Enigma Machine - Dick Herbert
Fairy Tales, A Follow up Note - Noor Ahmed
Malvern Hills Meander - Jan Meggy
A Tale of Two Patients - Barrie Davies

Happy New Year - Hilary Boyle
America, Coast to Coast - Chris Gait 
The Taming of the Shrew - Christine Smith 
Medical Society AGM
Baksheesh, Sharing of Wealth - Noor Ahmed
Medical Society Ball, 2001 - Martin Lewis

Newsletter No 29 - September 2001 Newsletter No 28 - February 2001 Newsletter No 27 - September 2000

Graeme Wilcox - Obituary
GP Beds
The Gulf War - Mike Ward
Wine Tasting - Paul Williams
Medical Society Ball
A Report from Central America - Simon Gates
On the Banks of the Nile - Barrie Davies
Medical Society Dinner 2000 - Graeme Wilcox
Medical Society AGM - 2000
Music from the Towers - Peter Batty
Bodenham Arboretum
Fee First, Patient Second - Barrie Davies
Post Grad Centre Under Threat - Graeme Wilcox
A Retiring Address - Graeme Wilcox
Blue Water Rally - Jan Adams
Obituary, Phillip Hughes - Rod Summers
35 Years - Graeme Wilcox
Newsletter No 26 - April 2000 Newsletter No 25 - December 1999 Newsletter No 24 - August 1999

Letter from Phuket, Thailand - Jan Adams
Annual General Meeting
Long Mynd Walk - Hilary Boyle
President's Charity Donation - Chris Smith
The Dawn Chorus
A Night at the Opera
Dr Richard (Dick) Herbert

Editorial - Graeme Wilcox
Greetings from Phyllis Oxberrow
Musical Imnterlude - Graeme Wilcox
Retiring President's Address - Martin Lewis
Annual Dinner - Gail Brown
Incoming President's Address - Tim Wadsworth
Cricket News - Tony Carter
Obituary - Harry Buchannan
Obituary - Walter Dunsby
GPs Offered Hospital Sweetener

Blue Water Rally - Report 1
Blue Water Rally - Report 2
Dr Paul Thompson
Obituary - Kenneth Forsythe

Newsletter No 23 - March 1999 Newsletter No 22 - December 1998 Newsletter No 21 - September 1998

Latest Report from Jan Adams
Olaf de Costa
Kidderminster to Kilimanjaro - David Malcomson
W(h)ither Postgraduate Medical Education?
Dr E. George

Operation Raleigh - Jan Adams
Wine Tasting - Paul Williams
KMS 1997 - 1998 - David Malcomson
Incoming President's Address - Martin lewis
ennis 1988 - Mike Ward
Medical Society Skiing Trip - Vic Schreiber
Hector Ross
Louise Evans
Chandra L Pathirana
Wherever the wind takes I travel as a visotor 
Annual Dinner 1998
There is no Town Like The Alice - John Murray
The Powerlifting GP - Dick Herbert
Chamonix - Rachel Ward
Maudie Russell - OBITUARY
Kenneth Forsythe - OBITUARY
Success is a big Mistake - Theodore Dalrymple
Newsletter No 20 - May 1998 Newsletter No 19 - January 1998 Newsletter No 18 - September 1997
Editorial - Double Jeopardy
Symphony Hall - Chris Smith
New Member - Chris Wilkinson
New Member - Paul Williams
Retirement - Janette Adams
Letter from Sri Lanka - Lucien Gunaratne
VALEDICTION - Walford Gillison
The End of the Croft - Graeme Wilcox

Med Soc Fights Against Hospital Closure

Save KGH campaign - Richard Taylor
Obituary - Harry Buchannan
Outgoing President - Steve Booth
Incoming President - Chris Smith
Planning for PGC to continue - Paul Newrick 


Reflections on retirement - Malcolm Wlliott
Garden Party - Nigel Cockerell
Husum - Graeme Wilcox
Tennis 1997 - Mike Ward
Are All Doctors Duffers ?
Payscales - different viewpoint
New Member - Magdi M Labib
New Member - Leonard Sterling
A New Face - Tony Wetherall     
Newsletter No 17 - June 1997 Newsletter No 16 - January 1997 Newsletter No 15 - October 1996

Locality Purchasing gets go ahead
We Are Survivors
Steam Train Nostalgia
PG Centre - Proposed Extension - Walford Gillison
Proposed PGMC Development
Thought About Buying Abroad? - John Murray
Memories - Peter Cooper
Richard Taylor
Primary Care Centre - Barrie Davies
Medical Society Annual Dinner 1997
Post Grad Centre appeal - Graeme Wilcox
Obituary - Dr Brian Lamb  

The Pathology Department - Howard Eales
Editorial - Graeme Wilcox
Thanks for my Year - Barrie Davies
Sailing a Drascombe Lugger - Peter Gough
Past Times - Donald Black
Post Grad Centre - a fresh start
Med Response to International Disasters - Ahmed
John Frankland - Peter Chaudoir
A Health Care Study Tour - Peter Batty
Annual Dinner 1996
Francis Sydney Alfred 'Mike' Doran
Professor Sir Michael Drury
Obituary   -   Roger Frow   1943 - 1996
Salad Days - Graeme Wilcox
Obituary - Peter Newbold
Tennis and Barbeque - Liz Malcomson
Newsletter No 14 - April 1996 Newsletter No 13 - January 1996 Newsletter No 12 - October 1995
Editorial - this is your newsletter
Post Graduate Centre Appeal
Winter Meeting - Peter Chaudoir
A primary Care Centre Overview - Barrie Davies
Memories of Church Street - Peter Dutton
The New GPA - Ready for the 21st Century
Obituary - Martha Harvey Aylward
Stephen Perry
Anthony Carter

Retiring President - Jan Adams
Incoming President - Barrie Davies
Post Graduate Centre Appeal
Obituary - Tom Mackie
Obituary - Gerry Simon
Obituary - James Stanton Price
Alastair Miller
Evan Jones
Liz Gregg

Wyre Forest Primary Care Centre Opens
Obituary - Robert Gibbins
Farewell to C Block
Where are they now ? - Lucien Gunaratne
1995 Annual Dinner

Newsletter No 11 - April 1995 Newsletter No 10 - December 1994 Newsletter No 9 - September 1994
A Case of Supply and Demand - Graeme Wilcox
From Kidd
erminster to Kamloops - John Peaston
Mike Stroud    -    News
Northumberland House - John Ball
Patient's Charter 1938

Retiring Member - Tom Mackie
The Out of Hours Debate
Gopal Lakhanpal
Retiring President's Address
New President's Address
Retired Member - Donald Black
Retired Member - Nat Lalljee
President's Charity

Annual Dinner 1994
John Russell
New Members
Noted by an Astute Member
Where are they now ? - Mike Tibbetts

Newsletter No 8 - May 1994 Newsletter No 7 - January 1994 Newsletter No 5 - May 1993
Bill Parker (retired January 1994)
Could I Have an Ambulance Please
From Kidderminster to Kilimanjaro
Goodbye Verna Nicol
Peter M. Clarke

Centenary Celebrations
Out with the Old and in with the New
43 Years of Life and Surgery - Pam Ball
The Croft
Fire at Kidderminster hospital (1893)
Centenary Dinner
Trustees of the Post Grad Centre
he report book of the Stourport MOH - 1886

Editorial & Post Grad Appeal
New GP Tutor Appointed
Obituary, Pat Campion - Bill Parker
Retiring Member, Geoff Campion
Letter from Stourport - Joss Williams
Newsletter No 6 - October 1993 Newsletter No 6 - October 1993 Newsletter No 4 - January 1993
sssss Centenary Edition   sssss

1893 - Centenary Edition
Editorial - Graeme Wilcox,  Barrie Davies
Recollections of Mill Street Hospital - John James
Annual Dinner
Josiah Mason
Pre National Health Service - Sam Wadsworth
Stone Cottage Garden - Olaf da Costa
News in Brief

sssss Centenary Edition   sssss

KGH, A Personal View of Future - Richard Taylor
Rex Vs Medical Profession - Barrie Davies
The John Russell Cup Cricket Match
From Mill St to Bewdley Road - Bob Gibbins
Notes of a case - John Lionel Stretton 15/11/1901
Future of Personal Care - John Ball
Case Notes, May 1897
The New Radiology Department
Bob Russell Retires
The Stretton Dynasty
The Bewdley Practice 1952 - 92
Malcolm Elliott Retires
Newsletter No 2 - April 1992 Newsletter No 1 - January 1992 Newsletter No 3 - September 1992
Fishy Tales Draw a Full House
Last Practice leaves Church Street
Kidderminster, A Trust Hospital ? - John Murray
Why we chose to hold a budget - Peter Batty
Merger Proposals Deferred

Message from the President
Plans for the Post Graduate Centre
A Potted History
Current Topic - Fund Holding
nnual General Meeting
Honorary Member
Continuing Medical Education
New Post Graduate Tutor Appointed
1992 Society Events
The John Russell Cup
Country Comment
Continuing Medical Education
Trust Status for Kidderminster
Obituary, Prof John Malins

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