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At a meeting held at the residence of Mr. J. Lionel Stretton at 27 Church Street, Kidderminster on October 19th 1893 - Mr. Samuel Stretton in the chair - it was resolved on the motion of Mr. Lionel J. Stretton seconded by Mr. Walter Moore "That it is desirable to form a Medical Society for Kidderminster and District". 

Resolution adopted by the Medical Profession in Kidderminster and District at that meeting. "That in consequence of the abuses brought to light by the enquiry into Medical Aid Associations by the General Medical Council, we have decided that we cannot, in any way, countenance these bodies and therefore refuse to recognise their Medical Officers professionally, in consultation or otherwise, until such abuses are removed".

At the following meeting on 19th December 1893 the following motto was submitted -
(It becomes all wise men to gather together and converse)

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